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Remy Frank
Pizzicato, July 2015

This is a very beautiful CD! ‘Mneme’ contains a varied collection of music from Middle Ages and Renaissance all around the Mediterranean. Here, sensuality and joy of life are convincingly expressed through music. © 2015 Pizzicato

Catherine Moore
American Record Guide, January 2016

There’s a whirling dervish quality to instrumental dances such as the Ghaetta and Saltarello (led by director Dimitris Kountouras’s excellent recorder-playing), and the sensuous and minimalistic filigree accompaniment in the traditional Sefardic song ‘Puncha Puncha’ (“Pungent, pungent is the rose’s perfume”) is bewitching, as is the dramatic ‘Rosa Des Rosas’ honoring the Virgin Mary as a courtly Lady. © 2016 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

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