Born in Greece he studied recorder, historical flutes and early music performance practice in Utrecht, Milan,  Vienna and Trossingen with Kees Boeke, Heiko ter Schegget, Wilbert Hazelzet, Marcello Gatti and Daniele Bragetti. He appeared in venues and Festivals in Europe and in Asia such as Sala Verdi in Milan, Pablo Casals in Tokyo, Styriarte Festival in Graz, Banchetto Musicale in Vilnius, Blumenthal in Tel Aviv, Via Medieval in Mainz, Megaron in Athens, J.S.Bach Festival in Riga etc. He collaborated with Armonia Atenea (G.Petrou), Vienna Symphony Orchestra (Ph. Jordan) and Harmony of Nations Baroque Orchestra and with artitsts such as Michael Chance and Savina Yannatou. He has recorded with Ex Silentio for Talanton and Carpe Diem and as orchestra principal flutist in baroque opera productions for MDG and DECCA. He took part in the European tour of Armonia Atenea's "Alessandro" by G.Fr. Handel (Versailles, Paris, Moscow, A'dam, Bruxelles etc). He holds a PhD on historical musicology from the Athens University and was a Post Doc scholar for the Athens Centre for Humanistic Studies for his research project "Music of the Troubadours at the Latin Kingdom of Thessalonica after 1204"(Nefeli/Fairead 2017).