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8.12.23 Telogleion Museum Thessaloniki, Cretan Renaissance and mediterranean traditions

5.12.23 St Franciscus Church, Corfu Medieval music from Cyprus and Earmy music from the Mediterranean

26.11.23 Guillaume Dufay, Mystras Byzantine palace

24.11.23 Guillaume Dufay, Athens Conservatoire

29.7.23 Kalamata Music Days, Les Elements, Vivaldi, Rebel, Handel

22.7.23 Domkonzerte St Blasien, Rosa das Rosas

20.7.23 European Festival of Sacred Music, Schwaebisch Gmund

29.6.23 European Cultural Centre, Delphi, ORFNE'

Dimitris Tiliakos & Ex Silentio

9.6.23 Malvasia Festival, Monenvasia

27-29.5.23 Handel Festival


6.9.2022 Banchetto Musicale - Early Music Festival of Vilnius


9.7.2022 Early Music Festival of Latvia, Riga:“In the fall of the Middle Ages: French tradition and Mediterranean courts”


2.6.2022 Early Music from the Mediterranean, Riga


17.2.2022 Landesmuseum Wuertemberg, Stuttgart, Visio musicae


9.11.2021 Megaron Athens

Greece in the Renaissance

24-27.7.2021 Athens Festival, Dimitris Tiliakos & Ex Silentio


26.4.2921 Megaron Athens, Works by G.Fr.Handel, G.Ph.Telemann, J.S.Bach

2.2.2021Le concert de l'Hostel de Dieu,

Lyon, Mneme

11.11.2020 Megaron Athens

Nell'autunno di Bisanzio

Works by G.Dufay, M.Chryssafes etc.

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