6.9.2022 Banchetto Musicale - Early Music Festival of Vilnius


9.7.2022 Early Music Festival of Latvia, Riga:“In the fall of the Middle Ages: French tradition and Mediterranean courts”


2.6.2022 Early Music from the Mediterranean, Riga


17.2.2022 Landesmuseum Wuertemberg, Stuttgart, Visio musicae


9.11.2021 Megaron Athens

Greece in the Renaissance

24-27.7.2021 Athens Festival, Dimitris Tiliakos & Ex Silentio


26.4.2921 Megaron Athens, Works by G.Fr.Handel, G.Ph.Telemann, J.S.Bach

2.2.2021Le concert de l'Hostel de Dieu,

Lyon, Mneme

11.11.2020 Megaron Athens

Nell'autunno di Bisanzio

Works by G.Dufay, M.Chryssafes etc.